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1855 Washington Street, Boston, MA


Front Office

Agnes Monge, Office Manager

The Board

Askia Ambers, President

5 Greenwich Street, Apt 3A
Boston, MA 02120

Jerome F. Branch, Treasurer

1855 Washington Street, Apt 2B
Boston, MA 02118

Stephanie Paris, Clerk

1855 Washington Street, Apt 3K
Boston, MA 02118

Angela Bello, Vice President

57 A Windsor Street
Boston, MA 02120

Melissa Smith

1855 Washington Street, Apt 6M
Boston, MA 02118

Alicia Johnson

30 Hammond Street, Apt 3A
Boston, MA 02120

Preslena Hasberry

1855 Washington Street, Apt 2N
Boston, MA 02118

Toni Thomas

1855 Washington Street, Apt 5E
Boston, MA 02118

The Board

The Original Board

The Mandela Residents Cooperative Association, Inc was founded in August of 1990. Our original founding members included:

  • Barbara D. Jones, President
  • Mary L. Hill, Vice President
  • Mary E. Borden, Treasurer
  • Nancy Santana, Clerk
  • Helen Aizprua, Assistant Clerk

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Mandela Residents Cooperative Association


1855 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02118

(617) 445-7768